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Benefits of private training

Highly personalized one on one lesson without any distractions! I will be able to evaluate your situation and suggest a realist training approach. I will be able to solely focus on your family and home situation. You will receive a customized plan for you and your dog. Lesson times that work around YOUR schedule. Practice at your own home! Get all your questions answered!

What will be included in a service?

This depends on which service you choose. But every client will receive a follow up email after the session so you do not have to remember everything we went over. Sometimes all the information can be a bit overwhelming! I will also provide a homework-like plan of action that is customized to each individual situation. Handouts will also be given if applicable at all. I offer a follow up visit for a reduced price. These are usually conducted about a month after the session to check on your progress and to answer any more questions you may have.

Will you come to my home?

Yes! This is the benefit of my services. I will either come to your home or any place you shall choose (a park for example?). A small travel fee may apply if my travel time is over 30 minutes.

How many sessions will be needed/ Are your services guaranteed?

This depends on each unique situation and what your personal goals are. To guarantee exact success would be highly unethical and unprofessional. (Be very wary of any trainer that suggests such a guarantee, promising standardized results in "X" number of days. This kind of training will not address your individual status, character, and temperament.) Each dog is a highly unique animal, and each dog lives with a unique owner and/or family in a unique environment. I can however guarantee that I will personally commit to teaching you and your dog how to successfully strive towards your goals. Service Fees can be found on my Service page.

Can my family attend private sessions?

Yes, of course! However, please keep in mind that the less distractions there are, the easier it will be for your dog to succeed. I always want to set your dog up to succeed, so please just make sure young children know to be quiet and respectful. Other than that, it is a GREAT idea for everyone in your family to be on the same page. This will only help further your training.

What are your training techniques?

I am a big believer of doing what really works, I am realistic in my approaches and I understand that not every approach is going to work for every family. That being said, I use positive, reward-based training strategies. This is because it sets your dog up to succeed and from there we can add distance, distractions, duration and difficulty. Positive reinforcement is what has shown me the most success in changing behaviors and forming stronger bonds between human and canine. I also do not force people to use clicker training. However, if it is something you are interested in, I would love to show you how to correctly use it.The clicker does have its benefits. One benefit is that it is used to mark behaviors (especially when teaching tricks!) and may avoid confusion. A clicker can be very helpful for a dog who is easily distracted or highly reactive. The use of a clicker is totally up to each owner.

What are "Positive" methods?

My methods concentrate on rewarding behaviors you do like, rather than correcting behaviors you don't like. I would rather be pro-active than RE active.Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding to them. Each dog is motivated by different things. Almost all dogs find food rewarding. However, most dogs are also rewarded by attention, physical affection, and toys. The key is to offer those things as a reward for appropriate behavior, and I can show you how! By providing this postive quality of training we will enhance the relationship between dog and owner. But dont worry, once the dog has complete knowlegde, we will start to wean off the rewards. But until then, there has to be something in it for them. After all, who would work for free?!

Do you offer regular obedience training?

Yes! I offer a 4 week course of obedience. Each session will be an hour per week. This course is NOT a replacement for puppy socialization! It is vital for puppies to be socialized as soon as possible, this is usually done through group classes but many facilities also offer play groups which is acceptable. I do have a set list of obedience skills I would like to teach (attention to name, sit, down, stay, wait, loose-leash walking, heel, leave it, no jumping, no nipping, house-training, come ect.) but I also like to add in things that each owner requests, making this a unique one on one experience. I even offer a course to teach just tricks! (Great fun for kids!)

Do you offer phone consultations?

Yes, however in many cases it is not as helpful as a private session would be. But it’s great for people who are out of state or do not have time to set up a session. I do require payment through paypal prior to the phone call. Once I receive payment I will contact you immediately to set up a time that is best for you. It is also for people who only have a few questions and will not be needing a private consult. Please contact me for more information

How do I schedule training?

Use my Training request form. It’s easy! Or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

When is payment due?

For private consults and follow ups the payment will be required at the time of your actual scheduling. For the private obedience course I prefer to get the full payment up front to ensure the next 4 consecutive weeks will be locked in for your time schedule. However I realize that sometimes this can be difficult. Therefore I can take half the payment at the first consult and the other half at the last consult. For group obedience courses full payment and waiver will need to be received prior to the start date of the class.