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21 Meadowbrook Lane, Unit 13
Gilford, NH
[email protected]
(603) 729-3669

Obedience Courses

I am currently offering the following courses located at 21 Meadowbrook Lane #13 in Gilford NH. If you're interested in signing up please fill out the form below so I may add you to the class. Depending on the class I take a maximum of 5 or 6 dogs so sign-up early! If you have any questions before signing up please contact me.


Mondays October 25th - November 22nd
All classes will be held at 21 Meadowbrook Lane #13, Gilford NH.

Class Type Time Price  
Puppy Level 1 (2-4 Months) 5:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Puppy Level 1 (4-5 Months) 6:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Level 2 7:30pm $155\5 Weeks


Tuesdays October 26th - November 23rd
All classes will be held at 21 Meadowbrook Lane #13, Gilford NH.

Class Type Time Price  
Puppy Level 1 (2-4 Months) 5:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Level 2 6:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Tricks 7:30pm $155\5 Weeks


Wednesdays October 27th - November 24th
All classes will be held at 21 Meadowbrook Lane #13, Gilford NH.

Class Type Time Price  
Puppy Level 1 (5-7 Months) 5:30pm $155\5 Weeks
CGC Prep Level 3 6:30pm $155\5 Weeks


Sundays November 7th - December 12th
(No class November 28th)
All classes will be held at 21 Meadowbrook Lane #13, Gilford NH.

Class Type Time Price  
Scent Level 1 with Camryn 3:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Adult Level 1 with Camryn 4:30pm $155\5 Weeks
Level 4 AKC Community Canine 5:30pm $155\5 Weeks


Course Descriptions

Puppy Level 1:
Fun, upbeat, and positive this puppy class is all about the basics! I understand that getting a puppy can be a very overwhelming time so we will focus on making it a much more enjoyable one and get your cute cuddly pup under control. We will cover basics such as housetraining, no chewing, no jumping, no nipping, leash skills, come, sit, down, stay, drop it, leave it..etc. And of course your pup will get plenty of off leash socialization time with the other pups in class. Geared towards creating a lifetime bond and skils to help your pup become the dog of your dreams. Join us and meet other puppy parents who are on the same page and ready to have some fun.


Adult Level 1:
This course is for dogs 8 months and above. This class focuses on problem solving and self control. Teaching your dog to focus while in the presence of other dogs and distractions as well as basic manners and obedience such as: Sit, Down, Stay, Wait at doors, No more pulling, No more jumping, Come when called, leash skills, and Leave it. Please contact me for more information.


Level 2:
This class is for graduates of any of my level 1 classes. We will be continuing their education by increasing the distance, difficulty, and duration of the commands they already know while adding a few new ones. The main purpose of this class is to increase their reliability especially around distractions. This class also prepares the dog for future CGC success! Join us in this fun class to continue your dog's education and get closer to the well listening dog you have always wanted.


Tricks Class:
Is your dog bored? Does he/she need a mental challenge? Are you sick of the boring everyday walks? Fear no more! This class is geared towards giving your dog the mental stimulation he craves. Your pooch will go home tired as could be! Great for those chilly days. This class will be all about fun. I will show you how your dog's mind works and surprise you with the tricks they will come up with all on their own. We will be doing games, tricks, and shaping challenges. This is a special, easy going, fun class you wont want to miss out! All you will need is a dog, a leash, some yummy treats, and an open mind. I will provide the fun and laughter. Space is limited! No pre requisites. (Because safety is always my number one concern the only rule is that your dog must be friendly towards other dogs.)


CGC Prep Level 3:
This is for any graduates of my level 2 classes. The goal of this class is to prepare all students for AKC's CGC exam. The graduation will be the date of their exam. The weeks leading up to graduation will be in preparation for the exam. If the dogs obtain their CGC they will be able to work towards becoming a therapy dog and will be able to visit nursing homes and such. Because this class will be working on self control, we will not be having off leash play time. It's all about business!


Level 4 AKC Community Canine:
Have you completed the Canine Good Citizen with your dog and are looking for more to work on? The AKC Community Canine, also known as the Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA) course will prepare you and your dog for the CGCA titling exam which will be taken on the graduation date of your session. During each class leading up to the test we will work on the necessary skills to pass the exam. Dogs that obtain this title will be on record with the AKC and will be more prepared to work towards a therapy dog certification if so desired.


Scentsational Nosework Level 1:
Are you looking for a positive way to tap into your dog's natural instincts? Join our beginners nosework class to put your dog's nose, mind, and body to work. This course will guide you through teaching your dog to hunt for tasty treats as they interact with a variety of environments and objects. As a handler, you will learn how to set up and perform searches and how to gradually challenge your dog as they master the art of the hunt. Nosework is the sport for every dog, from younger pups to older, active to disabled, and nervous to outgoing. A few benefits of scent work include the calming effect of continuous inhales and exhales during the search, confidence building as they find hidden treats, and for you, a bond with your now sleepy, fulfilled pup. Please note, this class is currently only open to dogs that are friendly and non reactive towards other dogs and strangers.


Scentsational Nosework Level 2:

Prerequisite: Scentsational Nosework Level 1

Have you ever wondered how dogs are trained to sniff out cancer, bombs, and drugs? Searching for food is one thing, but how do we get dogs to search for items that they wouldn't naturally seek out? Scentsational Nosework Level 2 will guide you through the process of getting your dog to recognize Birch Oil hidden in various different ways. While this is not a competition preparation class, the techniques taught are similar to that of the ones used for professional detection dogs. If you are looking to level up from searching for food, join our Scentsational Nosework Level 2 class!