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16 May 2008
A win for "teacup" pups in L.A.
After months of protest the Posh Puppy store in Beverly Hills has decided to stop selling puppies. The real winners are the teacup pups, who were being supplied to the store by puppy mills....
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1st June 2008
NHSPCA raises 90,000 at the 16th annual Pet Fest!
Proceeds go directly to help the 4,000 unwanted, neglected and abused animals that the NHSPCA places annually.
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Getting a new puppy? (Page 2)


Do you live in a small apartment? Can you afford the food or monthly Heart Guard prices? Do you have small children? Will you be able to walk a 100lb dog?

Let’s start with the large or extra large breeds: Obviously they will be eating a large amount of food and will require a higher dosage of medicine (Heart guard, and frontline) but they also will require larger everything: larger crates, bowls, beds, toys...basically they need more space to live. People with larger breeds also require larger cars. Having a Great Dane in a small house with no yard is not recommended! It’s also very important to find a very reputable breeder when considering a large breed dog. Most large breed dogs were not bred properly and can have an abundant of growth plate issues.

Small or extra small breeds: Yes, Chihuahuas are tiny and cute but owners MUST remember that they are still dogs with the same needs as a Lab. This is to say that they should NOT be dressed up and carried around everywhere! Small dogs still need daily walks and training. I tell all my clients to treat their Chihuahua as a Mastiff. You should not let your little dog get away with things a large dog cannot. For example…The dog should not be able to jump up on people, or pull you on your walk. Yes, it is not AS annoying simply because they are smaller, but all this stuff is about leadership…not comfort.

It’s important to think about the future and if you will always be able to care for your dog. For example, Will you always have the same size house? Will you be having children in the near future? Will you want another dog? Do you travel a lot, is so where will it stay?

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