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Learn to speak "doggish"

Monday November 5th, 5:30PM

Held at the NH Humane Society in Laconia

($25 \per person)

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to say to you? Want to learn how to communicate back to him? What about the age old question… do dogs feel guilt? Join us for an informative presentation by yours truly to learn all about our four legged friends. This seminar will provide useful information for owners, veterinary technicians, groomers, doggy day care employees, and dog lovers-alike. Fun and full of interesting facts you won’t want to miss out on! Topics will include:

1. How to read what your dog is saying to you
2. How dogs learn
3. Answering the question: Do dogs feel guilt?
4. How to tell if an interaction with another dog is about to go well or not>
5. Dominance theory and dispelling common myths.
6. How to decrease fear in an insecure/anxious dog.

And of course there will be plenty of time for you to pick Kelly’s brain!