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Private Consults

Private Sessions can be conducted in the privacy of your own home and are typically 1 hour to an hour and a half long. Kelly has experience and expertise in behavior modification of serious behavior problems including aggression. Your behavior consultation will be customized to your dog and his/her specific needs. It will include Kelly designing a unique plan for you and your dog, as well as free follow up email or phone calls for support. You will receive a homework-like plan of action that is customized to each individual situation. Handouts will also be given to guide owners in the right direction and to get everyone in the household on the same page.

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Group Obedience Courses at the Humane Society

These courses will be located at the NH Humane Society in Laconia. Each course will be 5 to 6 weeks long, one hour each week and approx. 5 to 6 dogs per class. Please contact me with any other information. Use the link below to sign-up for one of our upcoming classes!

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Private Obedience Course

Each session will be an hour per week for four weeks. This course is for a dog or puppy of any age and can be helpful especially if just adding a new dog to your family. I do have a set list of obedience skills I would like to teach (attention to name, sit, down, stay, wait, loose-leash walking, heel, leave it, no jumping, no nipping, house-training, come etc.) but I also like to add things that each owner requests, making this a unique one on one experience. I even offer a course to teach just tricks! (Great fun for kids!)

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Agility is great for both physical and mental stimulation! It can also be used for relationship building to create good communication between you and your dog. Watch your dog build confidence while he jumps through hoops and weaves through poles. I am now offering private agility courses for dogs of all age and size. This will ensure your dog gets more one on one attention and will have no wait time for equipment use. This four week private agility course is for fun only and is not competition based! Contact me for more information.

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Want to learn even more about your dog? I offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and other events for both humans and their four legged "kids". New dates and times are constantly being updated so pleasecheck back often, and as always, contact me to register or with any questios.

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Follow Up Consults

Follow up consults are done after completing one private consult. They can be done on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your dog's needs. These are especially helpful to check on your progress, to continue working on any other issues that may arise, and to answer any last minute questions you may have. Sometimes we may choose to meet at another place other than your home to begin generalizing what your dog has learned.

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CGC Evaluations

This is the AKC's Canine Good CitizenĀ® (CGC) Program. It is designed to reward dogs who have good manners in the community. Some dogs that are entered in CGC tests will have completed CGC classes or basic obedience classes. Owners who have trained their dogs themselves may also have their dogs tested. Ā  Many dog owners complete CGC training and testing as a prerequisite to therapy dog certification. Some insurance companies are also requiring your dog to pass a CGC test before they will cover you. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from the AKC.

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*A small fee will apply to anything that requires over 30 minutes of travel time.

Other Services

Finding the right dog for you, tricks course, new dog introductions, phone consultations, and anything else you need help with.